A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Cisco Networking Switch

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Cisco Networking Switch

In terms of speed, PoE ports, Software Defined Networking(SDN), QoS Support, networking security, interoperability, Single Point of Management, and redundancy, networking or Ethernet switches differ widely. One type of switch that is suitable for home or home office should not be considered for small or large networks. Hence, networking switches should be selected in view of multiple factors. This article is going to assist you to find the most appropriate switch to cater to given networking requirements.


Selecting Right Cisco Switch for Home Office or Smaller Network:

Specification: In order to perform remote work at home smoothly and efficiently or network with 5-10 computers, it is recommended that the switch should have 2.5 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet). PoE ports vary from 4 ports to 54 ports, but for smaller networks, your network switch should have 8 ports. QoS should also be part of your Ethernet switches because it will help you prioritize traffic for avoiding bottlenecks. At least, MACsec network security that works at layer 2 should be an integral part of your Ethernet switches. The switches should also be interoperable so that devices of other vendors can be connected to accommodate the growing business requirements. Redundancy is also an important consideration, for smaller networks and home offices particularly if they manage personal or financial data, redundancy is critical. So instead of 16 ports switch, you should buy 2 switches with 8 ports

1-Cisco Networking Switches for Home Office/Small Businesses:

  • Cisco Business 350/250/110 Series Switches: These are on-premises network switches used for tighter control over network traffic. Under this category, there are unmanaged and smart switches.
  • Cisco Business 110 switches are unmanaged switches catering to the needs of networks having fewer than 50 users, supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps speed, and can be installed as a Plug & Play, therefore, there is no need for skilled IT professionals. They are equipped with PoE models and integrated QoS intelligence. There are 5 to 24 ports for connection. Cisco Business 110 Unmanaged Switches are the best fit for smaller businesses.
  • Cisco Business 220/250 Smart Switches: These smart networking switches can support up to 250 users. Cisco Business 220 is an entry-level smart switch and can support PoE+, provide reliable security, is suitable for networks having fewer than 100 users, and is equipped with 24 to 50 Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet ports with extensive PoE options. Cisco Business 250 Smart Switches are the advanced version of Business 220 Smart Switches. These smart switches are best suitable for small-to-medium enterprises that combine excellent performance, intelligence, and security for those businesses that have a tight budget but require a solid network for proper functioning. They are faster and quick. Unlike laser printers, ink-jet printers don’t need warming up. All you need is to switch on the printers.
  • Cisco Business 350 Series Managed Switches: They have been designed to provide better control over traffic and can support 50 or above users. They are equipped with 24 Gigabit slots and can ideally be installed to meet the networking requirements of small enterprises. Since they are managed switches, they provide greater customization, enhanced security, and better performance.

2-Cisco Networking Switches for Medium to Large Enterprises:

Enterprise networking switches demand a very different set of specifications. They have to tackle heavy traffic and provide security to end users as well. Resultantly, vendors offer enterprise switches that are highly customized to meet the requirements of larger networks. They can quickly transfer traffic, monitor data, and enable cloud growth as well. Cisco provides a full range of enterprise switches to accommodate the varying needs of industries and businesses.

For example, Cisco Catalyst Switches are designed to support the networking requirements of larger enterprises. Cisco Catalyst 9200 series is geared to enterprises which has smaller branch location whereas Cisco Catalyst 9600 and 9600X are developed to cater to the needs of larger campuses.


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