Are Cisco Routers Worth Your Investment?

Are Cisco Routers Worth Your Investment?

Routers play an important role in the network whether LAN or WAN. They are used to connect two or more packet-switched networks. Routers generally perform two important functions: they transmit data packets to their intended IP addresses and thus manage traffic between two networks; secondly, they permit multiple devices to remain connected and use the same internet connection. Routers can be wired that use Ethernet cable to connect to a modem and other devices are also connected to them via cables. Contrary to this, Wireless Routers, though connected to the modem via Ethernet cables, broadcast data in the form of radio signals wirelessly to other devices.

Types of Routers:

  1. Core Routers: These are powerful routers that are used by large corporations and organizations to transmit data within the network. They are situated at the core of the network and don’t have any communication links with external networks.
  2. Edge Routers: Edge routers are deployed at the edge of the network to transmit data and communication between core routers and external networks.
  3. Virtual Routers: Instead of physical hardware, Virtual Routers are software applications that are capable of performing the same functions as standalone and physical virtual routers do.

Are Cisco Routers the Best On the Market? 

There are many vendors and manufacturers which are offering routers to their customers. sometimes, it becomes very difficult to select the brand which can best meet our expectations and requirements. Our experience and reviews have made it absolutely clear that Cisco Routers are one the best available routers on the market.  There are multiple factors responsible for their popularity.

  • First Cisco offers a great diversity of router products that makes it suitable for customers belonging to a diverse range of fields.
  • Secondly, Cisco routers are power-efficient which leads to lower operational costs.
  • Thirdly, Cisco products are very easy to install and operate, they offer improved port safety, seamless wireless switching, NAS device compatibility, and more.
  • Fourthly, Cisco routers are long-lasting, they can last up to 10 years. Cisco Routers are equipped with plenty of ports for wired connections including Ethernet and USB ports. They provide excellent security features and dual-band support. These specs make them the perfect option for large and small businesses including home offices that need high-speed internet for most of the day.

Finding the Top Cisco Routers for You:

1-Cisco ASR 1001-X Router:

With flexible deployment, convenient installation, and setup, high-speed performance that is scalable up to 20Gbps, advanced security features, and multiple ports, Cisco ASR 1001-X has emerged as the most suitable for both large and small businesses. This model features 6 SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) ports for fiber connectivity and 2 SFP+ ports (enhanced version of SFP that can support up to 16Gbit/s speed). The built-in Embedded Service Processor helps users experience enhanced performance and high-speed connectivity. This Cisco model offers the best security features including Crypto, firewall, data transformation, and NAT (Network Address Translation.  Scalability is another important factor responsible for its popularity. It can be upgraded from a minimum speed of 2.5Gbps to 20Gbps. Cisco ASR 1001-X also features many advanced and cutting-edge specifications including the most flexible deployment options (Cisco’s DCI, Virtual Extensible LAN, VPLS, and LISP), a route reflector that can improve the prospect of networking scaling, powerful quad-core 2.13GHz processor and others. All these factors make this Cisco Routers the most preferred solution for small and medium enterprises as well as for large businesses.

2- Cisco Linksys E1000:

Thus Cisco router is regarded as the best router solution for homes and home offices. It features 4 10/1000 Mbps ports, 300 Mbps data transfer speed, Network Address Translation (NAT) technology that helps devices access the network through a single IP address, LED indicators for troubleshooting and configuration, and other functions. It has been ranked for small-scale wired and wireless connectivity and can provide enough speed for streaming, web browsing, and gaming.

3- Cisco RV110W-A-NA-K9:

This Cisco router combines the functions of a router, network switch, and VPN firewall. It has been designed with the purpose of serving the needs of businesses. Equipped with GUI, 4 Ethernet ports for quick and robust connectivity, compatibility with IP phones, computers, printers, and other devices for improved data transfer, and intuitive design, this router provides all that can be expected within its price tag. The High-speed 802.11n access point that has been made part of Cisco RV110W ensures superfast wireless connectivity enough for running duty-heavy applications at workspaces. LED indicators have also been added for facilitating troubleshooting. As far as security is concerned, it supports IP security that ensures safe and protected remote connectivity.

4- Cisco RV260W Router:

This router offers a three-in-one function- router, VPN Firewall, and network switch- that makes it suitable for small businesses. Cutting-edge built-in features like 3×3 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi provides high-speed connectivity enough for bandwidth-heavy applications and operations. In addition, the security has been beefed up by adding IPsec VPN that translates into secure connectivity. There are also LED indicators that facilitate troubleshooting and configuration.

5- Cisco 2010 Connected Grid Router:

If you are looking for a router that can meet the requirement of large networks for communication, in particular for industries, Cisco 2010 Connected Grid Router is a sure answer. The sturdy design and built-up mean that this router can provide reliable, secure, and manageable networking even under harsh and rugged working conditions. It can sustain a much higher operating temperature and can be installed easily everywhere. The security features are matchless which makes sure that your infrastructure remains protected and saved from any malicious attacks. Cisco provides advanced tools for device and network management which in return ensures smooth installation, deployment, and maintenance. This model offers advanced QoS, premium redundancy and uptime, and reliable firmware for high-speed performance enough for meeting networking requirements at an industrial scale.


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