Best Brother Printers for Personal and Business Usage

Brother is the leading IT brand specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality printers, multifunctional printers, desktop computers, and many other IT products. This brand is globally-recognized for producing one of the best printers on the market suitable for every kind of need. Brother has the century-old experience and a reputation for producing sturdy and well-built printers with high page yields at the most competitive price. The efficient and effective printing solution that Brother offers has made it the most popular choice for both individuals and companies. But the huge diversity and versatility in the Brother Printers Lineup make it harder for the buyers to purchase the right printers, we understand this, therefore, this article has been written to help you find the right product best fit to your requirement.


Why Should One Buy Brother Printer?

Brother printers undoubtedly reign supreme in the printing market. Brother has earned this trust due to the following factors:


Brother brand offers comparatively cheaper printing solutions. Their affordability arises from the way the drum units are provided. In most cases, drum units are built within the toner cartridge which makes the toner cartridge quite expensive. Contrary to this, Brothers provide toner cartridge and drum units separately which increases the overall affordable of Brother printers.

Best Quality:

Brother has consistently been ranked one of the best printer manufacturing firms. It has often been awarded accolades in best MFC printers. Brother printers are reliable and highly recommended for the longevity of toner and excellent printer ink delivery.


Brother printers are equipped with many user-friendly features. For example, these printers allow you to use cartridges to the last drop of ink. Additionally, in the case of color printing, if your printer runs short of one cartridge, the S&W mode automatically is switched on and lets you complete the job in black& white.


Differences Between Printer Lines Under Brother Brand:

Brother offers printers in three broad lines which are discussed below:

Brother HL Printers:

This category includes single-function printers that can print documents. The technology used in these printers can be Ink Jet, Laser, or LED. They are generally deployed for home offices or small offices.

Brother MFC Printers:

They are all-in-one type printers that can perform printing, copying, and scanning. They are also designed for meeting small-to-medium enterprises and equipped with inkjet and laser technology.

Brother DCP Printers:

These printers are designed for meeting intensive printing requirements. They can be both color and black& white and provide an All-in-One feature. Under this category, you can find both inkjet and laser technology for printing documents in a bulk.

Selecting Best Brother Printers for You:

Here we have enlisted some of the best Brother Printers on the market in view of your budget and needs.

Best Brother Printers for Home/Home Office:

Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer:

This cost-effective and monochrome printing solution. This is a single-function printer that is provided with a 250-input sheet tray which can support 30 pages per minute printing speed. Some 10,000 pages can be printed within a month. It can support double printing as well which makes printing quick and efficient. Downsides are monochrome printing and design which is not very attractive. But for moderate home/ home office black& white printing needs, Brother HL-L2321D Laser Printer should be your first choice.

Brother MFC-J4535 DW:

This Printer has often been ranked the best All-in-One printer. Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, Inkjet technology, and other features, Brother MFC-J4535 DW can meet the printing needs of homes, home offices, small businesses, and students. It comes with the market with two 400-input sheet trays and it can print 14 black and 15 color pages per minute. The larger-than-usual ink cartridge can last a whole year.  More importantly, it also scanning option whereby you can scan 20 pages per minute, albeit without a duplex option. The wireless connectivity makes sure that you command and even do maintenance remotely with a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. It can also print photos with the entry-level printing quality. It has also a touchscreen that provides a user-friendly option for printing.


Best Brother Printers for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses:

For a small office with the massive requirement of black& white documents, we suggest the following Brother’s models:

Brother HL-L5100DN:

It is large enough to meet the printing demands of small and medium-sized offices. This model is equipped with a 300-sheet input tray and a 150-sheet output tray that is capable of printing 40 pages per minute. It is a monochrome printer and does not support Wi-Fi connectivity. But you can connect it with the office network through an Ethernet cable and then use an app- Brother iPrint &Scan companion- for printing remotely via smartphones.

Brother HL-L9310CDW:

This color printer has a compact design and it is deployed for meeting the printing requirements of businesses. It is provided with a 300-sheet input tray and it can print 31 pages per minute. The high-yield toner cartridge and scalability make this printing solution most suitable for medium-sized offices. The touchscreen control panel, USB host port, and auto-duplex mode add further convenience to its use.

Brother MFC-J6530DW:

This model provides all-in-one features for meeting demanding office requirements. It also supports wireless, cloud, and mobile connectivity. This model is the perfect solution for accommodating the printing requirements of modern offices.


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