Best Hikvision Security Cameras in 2022

Best Hikvision Security Cameras in 2022

Hikvision is one of the most popular manufacturers of security cameras in the market. It is recognized for producing the highest quality security cameras, video recorders, and associated products. The adjustable video footage capabilities, cloud support, footage tagging, multi-channel live view, network detection, smart playback, customizable search, enhanced diagnostics, improved configuration, HDMI and VGA outputs make the Hikvision security camera the best on the market.

Hikvision Security Camera Product Line:

Presently, Hikvision provides multiple camera products to cater to the various needs of customers. The cameras are equipped with video monitoring and video content analytics with cutting-edge deep learning algorithms. The categories have been enlisted below:

  • Hikvision PanoVu Series Cameras: 

With every passing day, the installation of surveillance systems for large areas like public plazas, arenas, airports, busy roads, and intersections is becoming a complex job. Hikvision Panoramic series has been designed to cater to the needs of covering a huge area. The cameras provide not only a panoramic field of view but also ensure detailed information as well. Multiple sensors are used to capture 1800 and 3600 ultra HD images. DarkFighter ultra-low technology makes sure that these cameras perform exceptionally well even in low-light conditions. Thanks to their built-in video analysis and target tracking algorithm, you can access many smart functions like line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region entrance, and region exit detection. All these features make this category the most suitable for meeting the security needs of larger and sensitive areas. They generally come in fisheye, panoramic dome, and specialty case types with resolutions up to stunning 12 MP.


  • Hikvision Deepinview Series Network Cameras.

These are AI-empowered security cameras with built-in deep learning technology. They are designed to capture only relevant faces and vehicles. They can detect vehicle number plates with almost 100% accuracy. These cameras are equipped with the latest technology like WDR (Wide Dynamic Range that helps capture images in both low- and high-light conditions), 4K resolution, night vision, and smooth streaming. Hence, if you are looking for a smarter solution, Hikvision Deepinview Series can accommodate your needs. Box, Bullet, and Dome are their case types and they are available with a resolution up to 8MP at max.

  • Hikvision Special Series Cameras:

This series has been designed and built to best meet the special needs of customers. They come up with advanced features that standard security cameras don’t provide generally. For instance, covert network cameras, mobile network cameras, and dual-lens people counting network cameras are sub-categories under this series. They are available on the market in Mini PT and Specialty with 1.3MP and 2MP resolution. 

  • Hikvision Ultra Series/ Smart Pro IP Cameras:

These security cameras are built-in features that make them perfect for meeting enterprise and professional requirements. They combine efficiency, intelligence, and convenience to ensure smooth and high-end video surveillance systems. The built-in DarkFighter and LightFighter technologies ensure exceptional footage quality in both low and high-light conditions. They come in various case types like bullet, dome, fisheye, turret, covert, and PTZ.  This series has successfully met the expectation of high performance and recognition under challenging conditions.


  • Value Series/ Value Plus Camera Series:

The increasing requirement for storage for capturing footage has become a headache for many IT administrators. Hikvision has announced the Value/Value Plus series to help tackle this problem. The Value Series comes with the latest compression technology(H.265+) that reduces the requirement of having a huge storage infrastructure. The use of this high-efficiency video coding technology has extended the applications of HD video surveillance systems. Value Series come in bullet and turret case types with resolution up to 5MP and under the Value Pro series, you can get up to stunning 8MP resolution as well.  The Pro Value Series also features the latest IR EXIR 2.0 technology which makes night vision further clearer and useable from a security point of view.


  • Hikvision Solar-Powered Camera Series:

Sometimes, there is also a requirement for the installation of a video surveillance system in those areas where power supply and Ethernet cables cannot be installed. To cater to this necessity, Hikvision has come up with Solar-powered security camera series. There is also a built-in battery power supply that can help the continuous operation of cameras for up to 7 days in case there is no direct sunlight. These cameras are sturdy enough to absorb the shocks of extreme weather like strong winds and storms as well as extremely cold temperatures. They come in Bullet case type with resolution up to 4 MP. This surveillance solution is the best for monitoring farms, forests, and other challenging outdoor conditions where power failure can disrupt the surveillance.


  • Hikvision Wi-Fi Security Cameras:

These cameras support Wi-Fi connectivity for easy installation and remote management. Hikvision provides Bullet, Cube, Dome, Mini PT, and turret case types under the Wi-Fi category with up to 6MP resolution.

Since we have gone through the different categories under the camera product lines of Hikvision, we will now suggest some best Hikvision Security Cameras that can accommodate your needs smoothly and efficiently. 


Which Hikvision Camera is Most Suitable for Your Needs:


1-Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE:

This camera provides the best surveillance capabilities for the outdoor environment. It comes with a mini Dome case type and provides a 3MP resolution. The in-built features like 3x Optical Zoom, progressive scan, DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range, which is far better than sensor-based WDR) technology, and PTZ options make DS-2DE3304W-DE the most suitable solution for most offices and homes. This camera offers many cutting-edge functions including intrusion detection, eco-cancellation, line crossing detection, and motion detection.

2-Hikvision DS-2CD2145FWD-I:

This camera falls within the Value Pro series and has always met expectations most spectacularly. It is equipped with WDR and Dark Fighter technologies which ensure sharp and high-definition footage even in low-light conditions. The H.265+ compression technology reduces the requirement of storage infrastructure while supporting 4MP resolution. It is weather-resistant and vandal-proof, thus making it suitable for a rugged outdoor atmosphere as well. Thanks to its affordable price tag, it has gained massive popularity among a vast number of organizations for outdoor deployment.

3- Hikvision DS-2CD2443G0-IW:

This model has been designed to cater to the home-based surveillance system or for smaller offices/businesses. The built-in passive Infrared is capable of detecting the human body owing to its sensitivity to the body temperature. It is also equipped with compression and WDR technologies to give a clear image with minimum storage requirements. It comes in a Cube case type and provides a resolution of 4MP. Most importantly, this camera model can support Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

4-  Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I(U):

This is the best 4K footage providing a Hikvision security camera. It features cutting-edge technologies of DarkFighter, H.265+ compression, and WDR which make this camera the best for detecting humans and vehicles for classification. This model has also built-in two-way communication. It is both water and dust-resistant which adds a further layer to its functionality. More importantly, it can provide 8MP resolution that ensures better image quality and richer details. Some versions of this camera are also solar-powered.

5- Hikvision DS-2AE5225TI-A:

This Hikvision camera is considered the best night vision surveillance solution. Equipped with 120 dB WDR technology and a 150m IR range coupled with an optical zoom of 25x, this camera can give you the best night vision with a clear image and finer details. The Pan and Tilt abilities further improve its usability as one can adjust the camera to monitor areas of interest.


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