Best Video Conferencing Equipment

Best Video Conferencing Equipment

High-quality, durable, and cost-effective video conferencing infrastructure has become an integral part of every workspace. Robust and reliable communication, both internal and external, helps organizations save time, enhance productivity, reduce travel expenditure, streamline collaboration, build relationships, improve efficiency, create consistent and accurate records and minutes, and more. The self-evident significance of video conference infrastructure makes it extremely important to find the best video conferencing equipment. This blog has been written with the aim to facilitate you in this regard.

Video Conferencing Equipment:

Video Conference equipment includes cameras, microphones, speakers, LCDs, and more. These tools are deployed as audio and video-enabling devices which in return help firms experience screen sharing, whiteboarding, call analytics, recording, wireless projections, and transcribing. Before, finalizing the best available video conferencing equipment, buyers must ensure that the intended video conference system provides the following features:

  • All members of the team participating in the meeting, seminar, or session must have access to the information and content through screen sharing;
  • Your video conference system must support unlimited call recording so that the minutes of the meeting can be accessed later on.
  • VOIP or Voice over the Internet Protocol is also an important feature of the video conference system. VOIP feature helps participants switch from voice calls to video calls instantly with a click of one single button.
  • Auto-Framing should also be part of your conferencing system. Automatic Framing helps organizers make adjustments with respect to zoom in/zoom out, camera angles, and other important considerations for effective coverage of all participants. In case there is no auto-framing, the manual setting becomes a very tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Speaker Tracking is also a critical feature. When one speaker speaks, this feature helps track that person automatically and zoom in as well to remove any chance of confusion.

These are some characteristics that every conferencing system should possess. In the following paragraphs, we are enlisting the best video conference equipment available on the market.

Best Video Conferencing Solutions:

Logitech MeetUp Camera:

If you are looking for a wide-angle camera with 4K resolution and decent zoom capabilities, Logitech MeetUp is the sure answer. Logitech MeetUp has been designed for small rooms and huddle meetings. The 5X zoom capability is also a significant addition to the overall suitability of this video conference solution. There are also useful and productive features like automatic framing with RightSence technology and ready compatibility with Skype for Business, Microsoft Cortana, and Cisco Jabber. This device has interoperability with different cloud-based video conferencing services like BlueJeans, Broadsoft, Lifesize Cloud, and others. Logitech MeetUp is a plug-and-play solution and can provide an easy plateform for organizing virtual and online meetings. In addition, Acoustic Eco Cancellation, Autoframing, Saturation Optimization, and integrated microphones make this video conferencing equipment one of the best tools on the market. 


Polycom RealPresence Group 700:

This Video Conference system is suitable for large rooms and workspaces. Provided with Polycom Group microphones, Eagle Eye cameras, power supply, cables, and other paraphernalia, this video conference system is capable of handling complex meeting requirements like multiple displays, sources, and cameras. The design is flexible which makes sure that you can find a video conference solution specific to your applications and uses. The Polycom SoundStructure helps you enjoy the deeply integrated and immersive audio experience. The resolution of HD and multiple input and output HDMI and VGA ports help you view the content and images in the clearest possible manner.

Cisco TelePresence SX10:

This video conference system is known generally as the most suitable video conference solution for small and medium-sized businesses. If you want a features-rich and immersive in-person video conference, look no further, Cisco TelePresence is the best for you. It is a plug-and-play solution with a quick installation mechanism which makes this system perfect for many organizations.

Panasonic KX-VC300:

If you are looking for point-to-point secure communication, Panasonic KX-VC300 video conferencing is the sure answer. This solution offers multiple user-friendly features: high-definition video conferencing (1080 or 720), full duplex, and stereo audio experience with echo-cancellation options, one-point remote control for all the connected devices, easy interoperability with all cloud-based video conferencing service providers and more. The downside associated with the solution is that it is a relatively expensive one and it has been designed for enterprises, not for home offices or personal uses.

GoTo Room:

GoTo Room Video solution is the best suitable for small businesses that are interested in organizing small group sessions at their workplaces. It is a user-friendly and intuitive and cost-effective video conference system. This system comes on the market with comprehensive video conference features: IP conference calls, a professional kit for making the video conference experience more vivid and immersive, HDfaces video conference that ensures that it can support 25 HD video feeds can be made available for one session, and options for recording and transcription. GoTo Room is also easy to use and install and offers a user-friendly interface for having an excellent video conferencing experience.

Avaya XT5000:

With dual 1080 video having 60 frames per second live video and content, HD audio, multi-party calling, PTZ camera having 20x zoom capabilities, Avaya XT5000 is perfectly suited for large conference rooms. In case there is a poor network, the SVC (Scalable Video Codecs) makes sure that you continue to have an exceptional video experience. Additionally, this video conferencing system features stereo audio, firewall traversal for connectivity with mobile and desktops, MSS (Multi-Stream Switching) support, and multiple HDMI ports. This system is easily scalable and offers ease of use for the quick arrangement of meetings and sessions. These specs make Anaya XT5000 wildly popular among businesses of every hue.

AVer VC520 Pro2:

The extended speakerphones for offering balanced audio performance, the one-USB cable for supporting both video and audio, 24X zoom, and smoother video imaging with up to 1080 resolution with 60 fps quality makes AVer VC520 Pro2 the best video conferencing solution for mid to large rooms. The SmartFrame feature has been designed to detect speakers even when they are wearing masks and it can present facial profiles even if they are sitting 7 m away. In view of the fact that light conditions can create a nuisance for the participant, the Sony sensor has been embedded to provide true WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) with perfect 120dB image quality. This solution has enterprise-level specifications and provides premium video conference equipment for an immersive experience for all participants.

Lifesize Icon 700:

If you are looking for high-end video communication and building high-powered conference rooms, Lifesize Icon 700 can best accommodate your needs. The dual display for a highly interactive and engaging video conference experience, the wall mountable compact form factor, intuitive touchscreen control options, 20 X zooming capabilities, seamless integration with cloud-based video conference services, and HD speakerphones have added immensely to the overall functionality of this video conference equipment. 


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