HPE ProLiant Gen 10 Servers

The rapid transformation of modern enterprises has created a strategic and operational need to purchase next-generation servers or update the existing ones in order to support new business and labor models. Nowadays, many organizations are investing massively in services to ensure low latency, flexibility, and high performance for turning data into assets. Modernization and digitalization are required for implementing next-generation business models and updated labor models also require automation and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the seamless customer experience and remote working also demand digitalization. Hence, the next-generation servers have come a strategic necessity for many organizations to survive this digital-first business environment. HPE Servers Portfolio comes in handy.

HPE ProLiant Servers and Why Should They Be Preferred:

Out of many kinds of server products under different series, the HPE ProLiant Servers series has been designed to provide a complete solution to accommodate both business objectives and business growth. there are multiple factors that are responsible for the tremendous popularity of HPE server solutions among customers. HPE has 30-year long experience in providing quality server products. They have put in place strict criteria for ensuring the quality of supplier components and their internal product testing further makes their product matchless in the market. HPE has so far served more than 1 million customers which indicates the level of trust they enjoy among customers. It has deployed the latest software tools like BIOS, Smart RAID, and Smart Carrier to ensure optimum quality for the end users.

HPE ProLiant Gen 10 Plus Series:

The provision of quality service, comprehensive security features, differentiated and workload-optimization, and smart automation make HPE ProLiant Gen 10 server solution the best on the market. The servers in this category are equipped with Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable processor. HPE offers multiple servers: ProLiant DL110 Gen 10 Plus, ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 Plus, and ProLiant DL380 Gen 10 Plus.

HPE ProLiant DL100 Gen 10 Plus:

This model of HPE ProLiant has been designed for 5G Communication. It comes in the market with some state-of-art specifications:

  1. It provides dense I/O capabilities and PCI4 speed that can support up to 16GT/s which is sufficient enough to accommodate the requirement of data centers and high-speed consumer applications;
  2. This model, like other models under the HPE ProLiant category, has been provided with a 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable which provides excellent speed and acceleration.
  3. It is suitable for the rugged atmosphere as well because it comes on the market with the strictest possible NEBS Level 3 compliance. This sturdy model can perform without adverse impact on performance under temperature rise up to 550 C, and remain functional despite power failure for longer than 10 milliseconds unless backup batteries come into action.
  4. This model has also embedded HPE Integrated Lights-Out(iLo) management and security features that make remote configuring, monitoring, and updating of server systems seamless.
  5. The communication service providers prefer the installation of HPE ProLiant DL100 Gen 10 plus for its cutting-edge features.

ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 Plus:

This model is the perfect combination of scalability and density. It is available on the market with the following specs:

  1. The two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 40 cores per CPU and PCIe 4 speed with 64G I/O lanes make this model extremely powerful to optimize your IT Infrastructure.
  2. It has also been provided with cutting-edge security with the addition of Intel Software Guard Extensions(SGX). Additionally, the AI capabilities have also been strengthened by the addition of Intel Deep Learning Boost.
  3. The advanced memory options like 8TB Double Data Rate 4(DDR4) and up to 16 Intel Optane persistent memory the handling of complex tasks easy and smooth.
  4. Tri-Mode Storage Controllers- Intel Virtual RAID on CPU and HPE SR100i with NVMe support help improve the data redundancy and reliability to a great extent.
  5. The HPE Integrated Light Out has also been embedded to accomplish remote management of servers easy and seamless.
  6. Up to 2 Single-Wide GPUs help users amplify processing by this HPE ProLiant model.
  7. This HPE server finds its application in the optimization of IT infrastructure and it is adaptive for diverse workloads and environments.

HPE ProLiant DL380 10 Gen Plus:

This server solution is deployed for Network Function Virtualization, AI/MI, media streaming, structural data analysis, and other demanding tasks and applications. It is provided with the following specifications:

  1. It also comes with two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 40 cores per CPU, and PCIe 4 speed with 64G I/O lanes that help users meet the requirement for power to handle demanding workloads.
  2. HPE ProLiant DL380 has the same specifications as that of HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 Plus: Intel Software Guard Extensions(SGX) security, Intel Deep Learning Boost for strengthening AI capabilities, 16 Intel Optane persistent, and 6 TB Double Data Rate 4(DDR4) advanced memories options.
  3. The difference between these models is the size of each. DL380 is a 2U (1.75" x2 = 3.5 inches) server whereas DL360 1U server (1.75" in height or thickness).




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