MacBook: Which model is most suitable for You?

The macOS, the operating system that runs Macintosh Computers, provides its users multiple advantages in comparison with other OS systems including Windows. MAC devices are much more protected against malware and hackers because third-party apps cannot be installed on them. The MAC built-in browser, Safari, offers protection against unwarranted pop-ups, secretive tracking, and unnecessary adds. In many ways, Safari is considered better than Microsoft Edge, the native browser of Windows. Mac products don’t demand security maintenance as well. Hence, people who are handling sensitive information or exchanging confidential data prefer macOS for their professional use.


There are two broad lineups for Mac products MacBook (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) and Mac Desktops (Mac mini, Mac Studio, iMac). We will restrict our discussion to the MacBook line.

The MacBook series is a member of the MAC laptop family which was launched in 2006. Later on, the earlier members of the MAC laptop family- PowerBook and iBook- were eventually abandoned in favor of the MacBook lineup. They are equipped with many cutting-edge features like High-Resolution Apple’s Retina Display and ForceTouch Trackpad which can sense differences in pressure level and thus give a much better user experience and interface. Though initially, MacBook did contain Hard Drive storage, it was replaced by Solid State Drive(SSD) in 2016. Since then, all products are equipped with SSD which are fast, quiet, small, and consume less energy. The MacBook category is further divided into two products: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.



MacBook Models


MacBook Pro:

The MacBook Pro series was the first laptop in the Mac family which was equipped with Intel CPU. Pro lineup provides its customers fastest processors and largest screens. In a major upgradation, Apple replaced Intel CPU with its own M1 Chip in 2020 which helped brought 3.5x faster CPU performance, 6x faster GPU, and 15x faster machine learning capabilities. Sparing Intel’s latest Core i9 processor, the M1 chip performs much better than prior generations of Intel including the i7 processor. Some striking features of the MacBook Pro line-up have been enlisted below:


  • MacBook Pro is equipped with Thunderbolt Ports which can send data at a faster rate than USB-C type ports. A Thunderbolt Port can transfer 40 Gigabytes of data per second which is 2x faster than USB-C ports. But you will have to acquire a Thunderbolt cable to experience this mind-boggling speed.
  • MacBook Pro models support Touch Bar which is generally located above the keyboard. Touch Bar provides users a dynamic control for interacting with content on the main screen and accessing app-specific functionalities. For example, when you type text in a document, Touch Bar can give control to adjust the font style and sizes. There is also a Touch ID to secure the Touch Bar.
  • There are three sizes-13-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch- which have been equipped with M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max processors. This diversity makes them suitable for catering to the varying nature of tasks that users perform.

MacBook Air:

MacBook Air models support a gesture-based multi-touch pad which is used in iPhones. These models are also equipped with a high-resolution Retina Display, Touch ID, and USB Ports-C type. They also support Thunderbolt ports as well as a Touch bar. MacBook Air is available in 13-inch with either an M1 or M2 chip.


MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which one is Better:

MacBook Air and all three MacBook Pro models differ considerably in terms of performance, design, ports, display, keyboard& touchpad, battery life, and price. Therefore, the selection of an unsuitable model can have a potentially adverse impact on the level of work productivity. This part of the blog underhand will be comparing these Mac Lines for assisting buyers to spend their hard-earned money on the most suitable MacBook model.



13-Inch MacBook Air M1:

With 16GB RAM, 13.3-inch Retina Display, 2 Thunderbolt Ports, 2TB SSD storage, and 14-hour tested battery life, M1 MacBook Air has enough power, speed, and memory to address the needs of doing day-to-day computer tasks. It has more than enough power for browsing, document working, and editing light photos and videos. The M1 processor can help also users do moderate professional tasks like 3D rending and code compiling. The M1 version of the MacBook Air has enough battery timing that can last the whole day. The affordable price- $1199- makes this model extremely suitable for students for campus study and game playing. It is by far the most popular model of the MacBook line. It does not contain the Touch Bar, instead, it has physical functional rows of keys and a standalone ID fingerprint sensor for security and protection. In short, if you are looking for doing ordinary tasks and light to moderate professional work at an affordable price, go for this model.


MacBook Air M2:

As the name indicates, M2 MacBook Air is faster than its predecessor. It is equipped with an M2 chip which provides 18% faster CPU and 35 % faster GPU performance. It has more RAM- some variants come with 24GB RAM- which means more power, speed, and performance. Additionally, it has MagSafe which provides better charging options. The M2 version of the MacBook Air has longer battery life. Apple claims that its battery can support 15 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of movie playback. So, if you are looking for a modern design, and faster performance than the M1 for doing day-to-day office work, you should go for MacBook Air M2. But it is not suitable for rigorous users who require large data and processing capacities


MacBook Pro (13-inch, M2):

If you want to perform CPU/GPU heavy tasks but don’t have a budget to purchase pricier MacBook Pro models, 13-inch MacBook with an M2 chip should be your best bet. Apple Inc. has crammed ridiculously enough power in this slim and lightweight MacBook than can perform all demanding tasks without any hiccup. It has fans to keep the system cool when you run processor-heavy applications. It has a long battery as well and it can last incredible 18 hours and 20 minutes which is enough for day-long work without any need for charging. Touch Bar and Touch ID sensor have also been added to this powerful machine. Additionally, it is equipped with a 720p webcam that can ensure good quality video calls. If you can compromise a large display, this version of the MacBook Pro has enough speed, memory, and power to perform graphic designing, 3D rendering, playing 4K resolution videos, data processing, photo, and video editing


14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro:

14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook are the most powerful laptops that Apple has ever manufactured. If you can afford more than $2000 as a starting price, these MacBook models can you a matchless user interface and experience. With the M1 Pro chip (which is 70% faster than M1) and even faster M1 Max, you can perform every professional task with ease and confidence. Equipped with a 1080p webcam, 4 Thunderbolt ports, HDMI port, high-impedance headphone jack, large display, and many cutting-edge features, these MacBook models provide everything you need. The M1 Pro and M1 Max versions of MacBook Pro have been designed to cater to the needs of 4K editing, rendering 3D models in CAD, and production of music. Especially, 16-Inch MacBook with M1 Max can even perform more graphic-intensive tasks like 8K video editing.



To make the story short, if you intend to do web browsing, typing on documents, and other day-to-day office work, you should stick to MacBook Air M1 or M2, but for doing rigorous and processor-intensive and graphic-heavy professional tasks, you should go for either of MacBook Pro models depending upon your budget.

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