Selecting the Best available Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points

Ubiquiti is the leading networking equipment providing firm and it manufactures, undoubtedly, one of the best Access Points(AP) available in the market. UniFi is the product line under the Ubiquiti brand and it provides a host of the APs that come in the market with different specs and price tags to meet the myriad needs of the users. Finding the most suitable UniFi Access Point can be a challenging task, therefore, we have written this blog to help you find the most suitable Ubiquiti Access Point. But first, we look what are the different types of Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Access Points that are available for sale on the market.



Types of Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points

UniFi offers different types of access points designed to cater to every kind of environment and deployment need. Understanding and knowing form factors is important to ensure optimal coverage and performance.



UniFi Ceiling Mounted APs:

These access points are most suitable for an indoor atmosphere. Ceiling Mounted APs are designed in such a way as to give maximum coverage and performance for homes and small and medium-sized businesses. They can provide wireless connections to 150 to 1500 concurrent clients.


UniFi In-Wall APs:

These are mounted to the wall similar to any electrical outlets. They are installed mostly in hotels, museums, or any other indoor environment where users prefer to have an AP device that is not very prominent and attention-seeking. They are also equipped with PoE switches which are capable to provide high-speed wired connectivity and charge the PoE-compatible devices simultaneously. Up to 250 concurrent clients can be provided with connections by this type of APs.


UniFi Mesh APs:

These are small, sleek, and very easy to install, but they are very powerful APs devices as well. Their compact design makes sure that Mesh APs can be installed and deployed for every size of business and home/ home offices. Additionally, since these are not very obtrusive devices, they can be placed near to users for ensuring optimal performance. They provide versatile installation options: they can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, and table tops. Mesh APs are powerful enough to convert your indoor coverage to outdoor which makes them suitable for large offices and universities. Mesh APs can provide connection to 190 concurrent clients at max.


UniFi Wi-Fi Extenders:

They can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet which means that Wi-Fi Extenders can be installed very easily. They are used to extend the coverage of APs. They can enhance the Wi-Fi coverage by two times.


UniFi WiFi Base Stations:

WiFi Base Stations are the most powerful APs available in the market. They can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor environments and can perform exceptionally even in a high-density atmosphere like the stadium. If you are looking for covering a huge area and catering to a large number of people, WiFi Base Stations should be your ultimate choice. Some 1500 concurrent clients can be connected by this kind of AP.


UniFi Building to Building Bridge:

If you want to create a powerful gigabit wireless link between two locations, UniFi Building to Building Bridge should be your sure bet. They are designed and built to meet the requirement of multi-building deployment, they can quickly and seamlessly create a connected network between two buildings provided that they are no obstructions between antennas. They can connect locations that are 500m apart.


Why Should Ubiquiti Be Preferred Over Other Vendors?

In comparison with their competitors, the speed and performance provided by Ubiquiti Access Points are much faster and smoother. They are cost-effective as well because the installation and maintenance costs of Ubiquiti networking devices are much lower. They support a Software-defined Networking Platform which ensures robust configuration, better control, and easy cloud access. Additionally, these APs are mobile-friendly providing options for remote management and a simple configuration process. These factors make Ubiquiti APs solution the most suitable for businesses and home networking requirements.


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