Why Are Cisco Networking Switches the Best in The Market?

Why Are Cisco Networking Switches the Best in The Market?

Networking switches are building blocks of networks. Therefore, it is very important to find the right switching solution for ensuring the optimum performance of your network. The article in your hand would help you find the perfect networking solution that can accommodate your business needs in the best possible manner.

The Uses of Networking Switches:

Networking switches are network hardware that is used to connect devices like computers, printers, and wireless access points in a computer network to each other. Most of them operate at the data link layer of the OSI model. Network administrators can perform multiple tasks with the help of networking switches. For example, the determination of bandwidth, setting the required duplex whether full or half, setting parameters for Quality of Service, filtering of MAC address, monitoring of SNMP for ascertaining the health of the network, and port mirroring configuration can be performed by network switches. Hence, the speed and control of traffic within the network depend largely on the Ethernet or networking switches.

WHY Are Cisco Networking Switches Best in The Market?

Cisco Switches are currently one of the best networking switches available in the market. There are multiple factors responsible for this exceptionally good reputation. For example:

1. Reliability:

Cisco Networking Switches are reliable that ensure continuous operations and ultimately enhanced productivity for both blue-chip companies and SMEs. They are equipped with cutting-edge redundancy and resilience features in both software and hardware. In addition, the facility of smart remote troubleshooting makes them further reliable for the installation and operation of networking in every kind of business. Their reliability is best reflected by the excellent rating- 9.6 out of 10- given by Trust Radius Review to Cisco Catalyst 9400 series switches.

2. Simple Installation and Management:

Cisco switches are provided with customizable dashboards that make the management of switches very easy. They support Zero-Touch Provisioning(ZTP) which ensures automatic configuration of devices by utilization of switch features. You can centralize the management of your network and can configure multiple switches simultaneously as well. On top of that, all models of Cisco networking switches are equipped with the same command structure which leads to easy configuration for 90% of products. It has been estimated that companies can save 60 % to 80% on networking switch costs because of the Zero Touch Deployment feature of Cisco Switches. The GUI-based monitoring dashboard makes the management further easy.

3. Security and Protection:

Cisco Switches are reliably secure and can detect threats much faster. They are embedded with many cutting-edge security features like TrustSec, MACsec, Firewalls, intruders control, and flight control. In addition, they can support network segmentation that reduces the attack surface and provide comprehensive threat defense. They are so faster in threat recognition that they can detect threats within 6 days which other switches do in more than 100 plus days. In terms of detection and containing threats, companies can generate a 140% return on investment.

4. Smart and Intelligent Switching Solution:

Cisco Switches offers the most comprehensive set of features that helps build a solid business network. They are designed in such a way to give better control to network administrators over the traffic within the network. The administrators can prioritize business-critical traffic over recreation traffic and in return, can increase the productivity of the workspace as well as enhance the revenue. For instance, Cisco Business 250 series are known as the best affordable and intelligent networking switch in the market.

5. Futuristic Features:

Cisco Switches are designed to cater to the needs of emerging technologies. They can support Power over Ethernet which ensures optimum energy conservation and management. They are compatible with IP phones and wireless access points which return simply cabling requirements. Up to 60% of energy can be saved with the installation of Cisco Networking Switches.

6. Diversified range of Switching Products:

Cisco offers a comprehensive set of switches to can cater to the needs of every business, whether small or enterprise. For example, Cisco 550X and 350X series switches have been designed to satisfy the needs of small businesses. Cisco Catalyst 9400, Cisco Catalyst 9300, and Cisco Catalyst 9200 series switches are geared toward the requirement of a large network generally installed by large enterprises.

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