Why is IP Phone System Importance for Businesses?

Why is IP Phone System Importance for Businesses?

IP Phone systems or VoIP phone systems have become the most critical component of any business workplace. Before we deal with the importance of the IP Phone system and its applications in businesses, we should first look at what the IP Phone system is and what is difference between the IP Phone system and VoIP system.

IP Phone System:

IP or Internet Protocol Phone System utilizes the internet to send and receive voice data. In contrast to traditional phone systems, they don’t use landlines to send analog voice data. Instead, this system relies upon routers and modems for two-way audio communication. Though initially, this internet-based phone technology suffered from many defects like poor audio quality and disruption in communication, IP Phones have improved a lot in recent years. Now IP Phones offer many cutting-edge features like HD audio quality and more.

IP Phone System can be installed and integrated within a private internet network to cater to a single location or this system can be used for reaching remote locations. There are many IT manufacturers that are offering IP Phone systems on the market such as Avaya IP Phones.

Hosted VoIP Phone System:

This system uses the public internet system to transmit audio data or voice traffic. The use of public internet implies that you would have no control over the quality of the internet- as a consequence the quality of voice traffic.

The Advantages of Using IP Phone System for Businesses:

The VoIP or IP phone system has clear distinct advantages over the traditional landline system. Some of these advantages have been discussed below:

IP Phone System is Way More Cost-Effective:

In a traditional landline system, sometimes a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) box is deployed for directing incoming calls to phones within the premises. There is also a requirement for desk phones for various business needs. The installation of this system has always been a steep upfront cost and if we add maintenance costs, this traditional phone system becomes a very costly affair. Contrary to this, IP or VoIP doesn’t require such infrastructure. You just need a good quality network and your job is done. You can use IP Desk Phones depending upon your requirement, but smartphones or laptops can also be used for transmitting voice traffic. In sum, IP can reduce your phone bill by more than half. The cost-effectiveness of the IP Phone system stems from these aspects:

  1. Traditional Landline phones require the installation of copper wiring. But VoIP phones can be provided both data and power with one channel: An Ethernet cable.
  2. The calling charges are also inexpensive when it comes to IP phones. In comparison with landline phones that use Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for carrying voice traffic, internet-based audio transmission is very cheap. There are reports that small organizations can reduce phone bills by 60% in the case of local calls and up to 90% in the case of international calls.

Add-On Features with No Additional Expenditure:

IP phone system has many built-in additional features that are usually free of cost, like call transfer, group ringing, call queuing, Advanced Call Routing, Auto Attendant, Call Pop, Call Recording, IVR, Instant Messaging, and Video Conferencing. You don’t need additional hardware to access these advanced calling features important for dealing day to way business operations.

Portability and Mobility:

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the portability and mobility of IP phones can make your employees extremely productive. Whether it is desk Phones or other smart devices, you can make business calls from everywhere. More importantly, the VoIP number of Virtual Number is completely portable, which means you can use this number everywhere. This complete portability particularly comes in handy when you are a frequent traveler or when your business has changed location.

Improved Scalability:

If you are looking for conference calls or hiring a new employee, you will have to spend more due to buying new hardware and increased connectivity costs in case you are using landline phones. But this is not the case with IP phones. IP phones can support many people on the call as per the capacity of bandwidth and you can also establish a unified communication plateform for your employees and customers. Hence, by using the IP/VoIP phones, you can expand the capacity of calling infrastructure without any need to purchase new additional lines or dedicated hardware.


Selecting the Right IP Phone System:

There are many considerations that should be taken before making a final decision. The volumes of inbound and outbound calls, the level of upfront investment, scalability, and list of features are some important factors that must be deliberated upon in depth before finalizing the switch from a traditional landline-based phone system to an internet-based IP system.


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