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Morgan Ingland Ltd. works with leading ICT Giants to deliver a value-added full portfolio of PCs, tablets, monitors, industrial Internet of Things(IoT), smart data center solutions, cloud storage, networking hardware, and smart collaborative IT solutions, among other computer hardware and accessories. We have worked with countless organizations in the healthcare, education, retail, power, and utility sectors to revitalize their businesses. With a dedicated presence in the UK, USA, Middle East, and Europe, Morgan Ingland Ltd. has helped its customers access ICT hardware, software, and IT solutions in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We’ve put together a team of brightest IT minds to offer you all kinds of assistance as we believe when we connect, everything is possible. Since the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, we have committed to building long-lasting relationships and working together to identify your business needs

MORGAN INGLAND Ltd. offers the widest portfolio of ICT products. Looking for customized IT hardware products? Feel free to contact our IT experts.

Laptops and Ultabooks

Desktop PCs and Thin Client Systems

Tablet PCs

Printers and Print Supplies

LCD / LED Monitors

Networking & Security

Routers / Modem

Software and Licensing



Computer and Tablet Accessories

Telephony / Handhelds

Digital transformation is highly a technical undertaking. And our team of professionals and committed account managers is all-time available to assist you to accomplish this task. From highly-effective and result-oriented solution designing to the acquisition of cost-effective ICT products and services, our account managers would help you navigate the tech world with confidence. Here, at Morgan Ingland Ltd., every customer is assigned a dedicated IT expert to give customized IT solutions. We are religiously committed to an ethical digital future where consumer protection and trust are given foremost priority. The excellent customer rating, that we have secured, is telling evidence of our performance.

Morgan Ingland Ltd.’s solution portfolio comprises specialized IT services tailored to the distinct business requirements of wide-ranging sectors. We have a dedicated department that specializes in healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, enterprises, and other industries. We are the first choice for countless public and private sector organizations when they need IT inputs for vertical or horizontal expansion.

Our IT product range is comprehensive. We provide our customers with every kind of ICT hardware product including but not restricted to desktop systems and products, networking and servers, printers and ink, POS, and other IT peripherals. We have committed to delivering the highest possible quality of hardware at the best online prices. Our global presence, deep industry insight, in-depth understanding of the e-commerce market, and super-cooperative members of staff have given us a special place in the hearts of customers.

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